Friday, January 20, 2012

Justice Dept. website shut down in apparent hack

The website of the U.S. Department of Justice was shut down Thursday in what the FBI called a denial of service attack following a piracy indictment involving the file-sharing site Megaupload.
The public websites of Universal Music and the Motion Picture Association of America were also shuttered. On Twitter, the loosely-organized hacking group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the hacks.
By late Thursday evening, the homepage of the Justice Department's website was back in operation.
Internet relay chats supported by the Anonymous collective show participants discussing the DOJ site being down and talking about other U.S. government sites to target, including the Recording Industry of America.

In addition to the Megaupload indictment, the activists are angry about two proposed antipiracy bills backed by the music and movie industries, SOPA and PIPA, that critics say would give authorities broad power to shut down websites for the mere accusation that they had pirated content on them.
Numerous websites including Wikipedia and Reddit "blacked out" on Wednesday, deliberately hiding their normal content and posting messages protesting the antipiracy bills. Many U.S. entertainment and media companies, including CBS Corporation, back the legislation.
Full coverage of SOPA, PIPA at Tech Talk "Seems like some friendly ships are launching torpedos as we speak. The site seems down to us! (via @AnonOpsSweden)," Twitter accounts associated with the Anonymous online activist group posted Thursday following the apparent hacks.
Another tweet by the AnonOps account said: "Tango down! & #Megaupload."
Shortly before the outage, seven people were named in an indictment and four were taken into custody on online piracy charges, including Kim Dotcom, aka Kim Schmitz, the founder of Megaupload, the internet file-posting service that claimed 50 million daily users.
The site allows users to post digital files - text, movies, music, computer programs, and more - and provide a link for others to download them for free. It charged users for premium accounts that permitted faster and more frequent downloads.
A DOJ spokeswoman said she was trying to get comment on the matter and Universal Music had no comment.
CNET's Elinor Mills contributed to this report

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Que es Sopa?

El Stop Online Piracy Act (español: Cese a la piratería en línea) también conocido como Ley SOPA o Ley H.R. 3261; es un proyecto de ley introducido en la Cámara de Representantes de los Estados Unidos el 26 de octubre de 2011 por el representante Lamar S. Smith, y un grupo de copatrocinadores bipartidario formado inicialmente por 12 miembros. El proyecto de ley extiende las competencias del Departamento de Justicia de los Estados Unidos y amplía las capacidades de los propietarios de derechos intelectuales para combatir el tráfico online de contenidos y productos protegidos, ya sea por derechos de autor o de propiedad intelectual. Entre estos se pueden contar, por ejemplo, música o canciones, películas, libros, obras artísticas y productos copiados o falsificados que no tributan las correspondientes tasas a los propietarios de sus derechos de autoría o invención.1 Actualmente, y antes de ser presentada ante el Comité Judicial de la Cámara (de Representantes), presenta una estructura similar al Acta PRO-IP del año 2008 y su correspondiente proyecto de ley ante el Senado el Acta PROTECT IP (Acta de protección de propiedad intelectual).2
El proyecto de ley originalmente propuesto permite que tanto el Departamento de Justicia de los Estados Unidos, como los propietarios de derechos intelectuales, puedan obtener órdenes judiciales contra aquellos sitios de Internet que permitan o faciliten la violación de los derechos de autor. Dependiendo de quién sea el que solicite la orden judicial, las acciones previstas contra el sitio web podrían incluir:
  • Restricción al acceso a empresas que brindan un servicio de facilitación de pago tales como PayPal o que ofrecen dinero a cambio de colocar publicidad online.
  • Restricción en los buscadores que vinculan con tales sitios.
  • Requerimiento a los proveedores de internet, para que bloqueen el acceso a tales sitios.
El proyecto de ley convierte en un crimen al streaming no autorizado de contenidos protegidos por copyright (derecho de copia), y prevé una pena máxima de cinco años de prisión por cada diez piezas musicales o películas descargadas dentro de los seis meses desde su estreno. El proyecto además brinda inmunidad a todos aquellos proveedores de Internet que voluntariamente lleven a cabo acciones contra tales sitios haciendo además responsable al sitio web infractor de cualquier daño producido al titular de los derechos, incluso sin tener que demostrarlo.3
Quienes proponen la ley afirman que protege el mercado de la propiedad intelectual y su correspondiente industria, trabajos e ingresos, y que es necesaria para reforzar la aplicación de las leyes de derechos de autor, en particular contra los sitios web extranjeros.4 Citan ejemplos como el del acuerdo judicial de 500 millones de dólares al que llegó Google con el Departamento de Justicia por su papel en una campaña publicitaria dirigida a los ciudadanos estadounidenses que alentaba a los consumidores a comprar drogas de prescripción ilegal en farmacias online de Canadá. Los opositores argumentan que la ley infringe los derechos de la Primera Enmienda, que es censura en Internet,5 que lisiará a Internet,6 y será una amenaza para la denuncia de irregularidades y otras muestras de libertad de expresión.7
El Comité Judicial de la Cámara mantuvo audiencias sobre la ley SOPA el 16 de noviembre y el 25 de diciembre de 2011. El comité tiene programado continuar con el debate cuando el Congreso retorne de su receso invernal.8

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yes i can believe its happening!

Yes, we are all alarmed about what is happening in Japan. Now lets do something about it, they are struggling for survival. How many family's, friends and relatives from the epicenter and all around japan are suffering because of this natural disaster.This cant just be resolved by themselves even though they are experts on this kind of catastrophes. Lets help them in any way we can by donating to the red cross or just spreading the word or simply by telling anyone, doesn't matter if he/she doesn't listen/watch or have Internet, do it to create awareness on this disaster. My only word cant be enough to explain what is happening. Earthquakes and deaths are happening while I'm writing this words, tragically i got recent   news that my own landlord just lost 2 relative that were crushed by a building just after 1 day her father had a hart attack and this is reality that i couldn't even believe it until it came slowly and painfully through my ears. Stories of survival are gonna be heard bodies are gonna be found but so many stories will not be told, while i try to sound poetic this is gonna be part of what my life is on this 13/03/2011  We should be expecting the best but preparing for the worst and i hope you do too. Thank you for reading and spread the WORD!


 Take care of your love ones,  while you have them because you never know when you loose them!

Giant tsunami wave eats boat as earthquake hits Japan

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How do i change my ip address?

How do I change my IP address?

"How do I change my IP address?" and "Can I change my IP address?" are probably the most commonly asked questions. Please attempt the following then, if that does not work, visit the Change IP Address forum.
Before trying any other methods to change your IP address, try turning off (or unplugging the power of) your Cable/DSL modem for five minutes. In many cases this will change your IP address. However, if that does not change your IP address, repeat the process for 8 hours (overnight works well) instead of 5 minutes. Hopefully this will result in an IP change.
If the above does not result in your IP address changing, please look through the below for the situation that best matches yours and attempt to change your IP address that way. Unfortunately you are not able to get your IP address to change in all cases, as it is ultimately determined by your ISP's DHCP configuration (when you've got a dynamically assigned IP address, that is.)